3 comments on “Fastlink Fast Tracked

  1. Ah, now I understand what all the roadworks on the squinty are all about. Damn! That’s going to be yet another awkward section on my daily commute. I guess I could detour through a park or something… oh, wait, that’s right they’re trying to stop us doing that too.

    Thankfully there’s a bit of a workaround for the bridge… on the north-side the crossings are toucan so I’ll be pressing the button and waiting for a green before heading off over the bridge. That will give me enough time to get to the peak of the hill before the cars arrive and I won’t hold them up too much. Of course, that’s only going to work heading home out of the city; heading in to the city in the mornings I guess I’m just going to have to hope for heavy traffic so I can filter.

    It really does seem as though GCC doesn’t like cyclists very much.

    • The idea of using the toucan crossing to delay the traffic is a great idea! Do you mind if I were to share that on the citycyclingglasgow.com forum? It may help other cyclists in the same situation.

      The Clyde Arc is a typical example of ‘new’ infrastructure which completely ignores the needs of pedestrians and cyclists from the way it slices through the clyde walkway to the lack of segregated cycling facilities. And now it’s going to get worse.

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